Bringing your vision to life

From concept to final product, we produce visual stunning, emotionally compelling, sharable videos that inspire, entertain, and convert. Our high-touch approach helps us walk through the creative process to take your vision and make it a reality.

What Makes Us Different

Strategy Centered

Whether it’s your first video project or your 100th, we will determine a strategic plan that focuses on your goals and your customers.

Turnaround Times

Here at DH Video we are proud of our turnaround times. Filming content and getting it turned into a finished product is our passion and we believe it should be a quick process.

Proven Results

We want your video to be successful and go viral, or locally-viral at the minimum. Check out some of our work to see how it has performed on different social media platforms!

Our Process


Whether you are in need of a professional voiceover or looking for some on-camera interviews, we will work together to determine the best form of narration for your project. Every video has different goals, so it's important to be prepared before the cameras start rolling.


Now the fun part can officially begin! We will use all types of different cameras & rigs to capture all the necessary shots. Tripods, cameras, microphones, wide-angle lenses, stabilizers, & drones are all part of our tool belt and used to capture the footage.


To the computer we go. Now that all the footage is captured, it’s time to build the story! Titles, graphics, music and all other assets will be added at this point to finalize the masterpiece.

Other Services


Looking for some high-quality photos to accompany your video? You're in luck! DH Video uses all DSLR cameras, which means we can shoot photos just as easy. In the flick of a button, we can go from shooting 4K Video to professional-quality photographs.


Perhaps some of the coolest angles can be captured from the sky! DH Video is proud to own a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate License, which allows us to capture stunning cinematic images & video for your project.


Not sure where to start or if video marketing is right for you? Let's talk about your business and your goals. Together we can determine the best plan of action that makes sense for your business.