My Story

I first discovered my love for video while in grade school when I created my first basketball highlight video.  From then on, there was no looking back.  My passion for video continued in high school through various class projects; and eventually into college where I received my first Video Production Internship.  It was here where the quality of my work turned from “amateur” to “professional,” as I realized the type of emotion I could capture in a video.  Since then, I have continued to purchase more advanced equipment to take me to the next level of Video Creation.  
Born and raised on a small dairy farm in rural Wisconsin, it is easy to say hard work and determination is in my blood.  From an early age, I was taught responsibility and what it meant to get the job done right.  It is that same work ethic I apply to every video project I have the opportunity of working on.  I pride myself in 100% customer satisfaction with every video I produce.  With every video I create, it is my goal to receive an e-mail back saying “Wow – that was amazing.”
With every video I produce, telling YOUR story is what I focus on.  Every person or business has a story that is unique to them.  I aim to find that story, develop, and create it on one of the most popular forms of media today – video.